TFA Quantitative Fund

Class I: TFAQX     |     Class A: N/A

Fund Objective

The Funds seeks capital growth.

Fund Strategy

The Fund utilizes a proprietary quantitative process that aggregates over thirty different trading systems into one algorithm to identify buy, sell, and short signals, based on historic and raw stock market data, including major and secondary market indexes, interest rate data, internal market data such as technical indicators that measure market indices movements, new highs and lows, volume and volatility measures and seasonality and sentiment data.   The model incorporates seasonality and sentiment data to identify patterns in the time of year to determine stock market advances or declines and consumer sentiment about markets or the economy.

Investment Advisor

Tactical Fund Advisors, LLC


Potomac Advisors, Inc.

Fund Details

Minimum Initial Investment $250
Minimum Subsequent Investment $250
Management Fees 1.30%
Distribution and Service (12b-1) Fees None
Gross Annual Fund Operating Expenses (includes mgt fees) 1.90%
Net Annual Fund Operating Expenses 1.90%
Expense ratios estimated per the Fund Prospectus dated March 4, 2020.
Class A Shares are not currently available for purchase